Who is the RoHS Certificate Applicable to?

RoHSWho is the RoHS Certificate Applicable to?

» Manufactures and sells electrical and electronic goods under its own brand
» Selling electrical and electronic goods manufactured by other suppliers under its own brand,
» Legal and natural persons who export or import electrical and electronic goods for commercial purposes will be responsible.
products covered;

Major household items: Freezer, refrigerator, stove, oven, dryer, washing machine,
Small appliances: toaster, vacuum cleaner, coffee maker, hair dryer, wristwatch, scale, clock
Information and telecommunication equipment: Computer, scanner, printer, fax machine, calculator, telephone, mobile phone
Consumer supplies: Television, video recorders, radio DVD player, camera, camera,
Lighting materials: Non-domestic fluorescent lamps and current-discharge lamps
Electronic and electrical tools (excluding large and stationary industrial tools): Saw, drill, hedge trimmer, lawn mower, rivet gun, leaf picker, spray tools, nail and screw tools
Toys, sports and recreational equipment: Electric toy trains, toy racing cars, hand-held video game consoles, video games; computerized cycling, running, diving and rowing gymnastics; sports equipment containing electrical or electronic units; coin operated vending machines
Vending machines: Soft drinks, money, candy, etc. automatic dispensing machines

The correct assessment of RoHS compliance within the framework of product testing and certification provides manufacturers with legal security and increases market recognition.

Services offered by MASS Laboratory to manufacturers;

» To determine the following procedures for the products required by RoHS compliance
» XRF Mapping.
» XRF Screening.
» Wet Chemical Analysis.
» Modular RoHS concept for importer and retailers
» RoHS certification training for homogeneous components and material
» Our other RoHS extension services
» Proving documents that provide proof of RoHS compliance in supply rings (assurance agreements, manufacturers' statements, quality analytical results, General Terms and Conditions)

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