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Mass Laboratory and Consulting Services Inc. is a testing institution which was established in Istanbul in 2018. The company has been accredited by TÜRKAK and has obtained the certificate of TS EN ISO / IEC 17025 for its quality management system.

Quality And Our Mission

All values ​​are tested and reported over and over again with the help of engineers and technicians using laboratory techniques developed through quality control and industrial testing. It ensures that the good and bad qualities reflected in the brand equity are taken into account according to the use, application and size of the fabric. Mass Lab measures pH, Phthalates, PAHs and Chromium 6(VI) in clothing. It is suitable for dioxane testing, ethanol testing, claims testing, heavy metal testing and microbiological testing in the cosmetic field. Plastic products are tested for PAH determination, cadmium test and phthalate determination. Analysis of pH, biological effects, heavy metal properties and problem determination during use in research and development, quality control and material analysis, depending on the field of activity.

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