What is Rohs Certificate?

RoHSWhat is Rohs Certificate?

A Rohs certificate is a certificate issued by examining the results of analysis of restricted or prohibited products in electrical and electronic products.

Rohs certificate, In order to protect human and environmental health; Procedures and procedures regarding the recycling and destruction of electrical and electronic equipment wastes in an environmentally compatible manner by limiting the activity of certain harmful substances in electrical and electronic goods, determining the activities to be exempted from these restrictions, regulating the administrative, technical and legal principles regarding the control of the import of electrical and electronic goods. It is a document that must be obtained within the scope of the regulation regulating the principles.

In particular, electrical or electronic devices that are used in areas where people live and that have direct contact with living things or that we live in the same environment with air contact, and electrical household appliances in the white goods class require a Rohs certificate. let’s take
All components that make up this television and all parts such as plastic outer covering cables must have a Rohs certificate. Suppose, what happens if these parts do not have a Rohs certificate? The chemical ingredients in the parts continue to dry out and emit serious carcinogenic toxic substances into the air while interacting with the air. Therefore, all individuals (babies and children) breathing these and sharing the same air, live in the same environment by constantly breathing this toxic chemical air, and include these unhealthy toxic chemicals into their bodies for a long period of time. It is highly possible that the chemicals in these products, which have been strictly moistened in terms of Rohs directives, are very harmful and toxic disease carriers.
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